Chemical Division

Chemical Division is mainly involved in Stock and Supply of Chemicals to Upstream, Downstream and other Petrochemical Industries. We maintain the chemical stock based on client's periodic forecast, industry requirements and deliver the materials as per their needs for day to day operations. We also supply chemicals on consignment basis where we facilitate material clearance, transportation and delivery of the product to client's facility.

We always maintain our excellent relationships with our clients by:

  • Identifying their needs and supporting them with better solutions
  • Maintaining high quality materials and services
  • Offering technical support for the delivered products and services
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Electrical Division

 Electrical Division represents one of the major electrical products from internationally well-known manufacturers and related services to contractors and end users. We have solid experience from a network of well-known manufacturers in the following industry and sectors:

  • Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Major construction projects for power plants, substation and other infrastructure developments.
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Mechanical Division

 Mechanical Division's primary business is supplying Mechanical and Instrumentation products to various markets in Saudi Arabia. We find ourselves as competent and strong in the following market sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Utility (electricity, water and power)
  • Major constructions including petrochemical projects, infrastructure developments, etc.
  • Maintenance/Shutdown projects where replacement parts are required
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Stationery Division

Stationary Division is a dynamic provider focusing in quality product at competitive price. We sell all kinds of office and school stationery, office equipments, computer accessories & consumables and printer cartridge & toner throughout all Saudi Arabia. We find ourselves strong in the following market sectors:

  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Educational Institution
  • Commercial Companies
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HVAC Division

HVAC Division is supplying all type of Air Conditioning Equipments, Motors, Compressors, Exhaust Systems, Duct fabrication and sheet metal products for heating ventilation and cooling requirements in the industry and commercial buildings.

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Site-Safety Division

We own a massive stock of over thousands of products from all the leading global brands. We have an extensive range of site safety requirements.

  • Disposable Coveralls
  • Safety Coveralls (Boiler Suits) Reflective Jackets FRC Safety Helmets, Gloves, Ear Pl Gum Boots, Safety Shoes Chemical Respirators
  • Safety Goggles
  • Traffic Cones/Warning Lights
  • Safety Harness First Aid Kit Scaffolding Tags
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