About Us

Our Vision & Mission

AMDAD SOLUTIONS aspires to become an acknowledged leader in the fields of general contracting and Industrial Trading in Saudi Arabia and beyond through the diversity and excellence of our people by values pro- vided to our customers and our commitment to continuous improvement and development. The company’s VISION is to give out it’s best for the need oriented services.

AMDAD SOLUTIONS believes in providing total value to the customers in terms of competent and world-class service in our areas of expertise, lead- ing to overall customer satisfaction. Gaining the trust and faith of our cus- tomers through by fully meeting their requirements shall be a prime part of our mission.


Amdad solutions offers a connected world of engineering expertise across operations, maintenance and trading services. We accomplish this through a wealth of ingenious products, processes, technologies, consulting and customer-oriented services. In addition to providing path-breaking products from our suppliers, Amdad solutions takes pride in its ability to offer best-in-class operational & maintenance services. With over a decade of experience in servicing some of Kingdom’s largest companies in our targeted industries, we remain focused on our quality performance requirements.

Amdad solutions is always focused on pushing back the frontiers to allow our customers reap stronger, longer lasting, better value for their investment. You can count on us to make your life easier. With consultative sales and ongoing supporting services, we ensure our customers business meets unprecedented success every time.

Protect and strive for improvement of the health, safety and security of our people at all times;Clearly defining to all staff for their accountabilities and responsibilities for the development and delivery of quality, health, safety and environmental strategy and performance.Eliminate non-conformances to quality and HSE accidents Meet specified cus- tomer requirements and ensure continuous customer satisfaction Set Quality and HSE performance objectives, measure results, assess and continually improve processes, services and product quality, through the use of an effective management system.

Actively developing and improve our QHSE processes to confirm to client and international standards. Communicate openly with our employees and ensure an understanding of our QHSE policies, standards, programs and performance. Improve our perfor- mance on issues relevant to our stakeholders that are of global concern and on which we can have an impact and share with them our knowledge of successful QHSE programs and initiatives

Quality control and quality assurance are extreme aspects of Amdad’s client’s requirements and comply with relevant international engineering and quality standards, by high quality and reliable services. It is by putting this philosophy into practice, that Amdad respect and commendation of its clients.

With our philosophy, values, and mission firmly in place, we are targeting controlled growth and sustained profitability in the future. Our responsibility to our clients, employees, and community remain the principal focus of our operations and is defined by our corporate values.

As we move into the future, AMDAD SOLUTION is better prepared now than ever before and will take its ventures beyond the design stage – creating a physical reality that can be touched and felt. With the rough road ahead, we are ready to take on whatever challenges that come its way without losing sight of its vision; all of us at AMDAD SOLUTION remain committed to excellence and growth.